Day 1 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 1st December
Day 2 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 2nd December
Day 3 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 3rd December
Day 4 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 4th December
Day 5 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 5th December
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The European Space Agency organised its third ESA International Workshop on ERS SAR Interferometry and its first Workshop on ASAR interferometry: ADVANCES in SAR interferometry from ERS and ENVISAT missions at ESA ESRIN Frascati Italy


The Workshop brought together ESA Principal Investigators (ERS AO-3, Category 1 and, AO ENVISAT) Scientists, students working in the field of Sar interferometry and to representatives from National, European and International Space Agencies.


The workshop:

  • Provided a forum for investigators to present results of on-going AO research project activities
  • Discussed the use of InSAR products for scientific research and applications development
  • Initiated and encourage close collaboration between individual research groups
  • Stimulated continuing research and encourage publication of the findings
  • Assessed the available data analysis tools
  • Formulated recommendations for algorithm and new products development
  • Reviewed and assessed the maturity and operational readiness of Interferometry Applications

Looking Ahead

Fringe 2005 is scheduled for 28th of November to 2nd of December 2005 in Frascati Italy. Visit the workshop site for more information.


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