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    SAR wave mode provides two-dimensional spectra of ocean surface waves. For this function the SAR records regularly spaced samples within the image swath. The images are transformed into directional spectra providing information about wavelength and direction of wave systems. Automatic measurements of dominant wavelengths and directions will improve sea forecast models, but the imagettes can also show the effects of other phenomena, such as internal waves, slicks, small scale variations in wind and modulations due to surface currents and the presence of sea ice.
TypeImaging microwave radars
Technical Characteristics
Accuracy Landscape topography: 3m, Bathymetry: 0.3m, Sea ice type: 3 classes Sea surface wind speed: 3m/s, Significant wave height: 0.2m
Spatial Resolution 30m
Swath Width 100km
Waveband Microwave: 5.3 GHz, C band, VV polarisation, bandwidth 15.5 ± 0.06 MHz
ApplicationsLand (Topography/Mapping,Vegetation,Soil) Water (Water Management) Ocean and Coast (Coastal Geomorphology,Ocean Waves,Ship Traffic,Ocean Currents and Topography) Snow and Ice (Snow and Ice) Atmosphere (Winds) Agriculture (Crop Yields,Forestry) Natural Disasters (Flood,Earthquake/Volcano,Oil Slick,Landslide) Solid Earth (Tectonics/Seismic Activity)
Related Instruments PALSARASAR
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Haiti Earthquake - January 2010 - ESA dataset

ESA makes freely available to the user community a dataset of (A)SAR products (Envisat and ERS) corresponding to the earthquake of Haiti which took place on 12 January 2010. Information on the dataset is available on the Earth Watching web site. Population of the archive is still ongoing.

The dataset can be downloaded through the ESA Virtual Archive or directly via the EOLI-SA catalogue from "Other Collections - Virtual Archive - Haiti Earthquake"

A GEO Supersite portal for Haiti has also been set up in cooperation with ESA containing the above mentioned dataset, other data and related information.

ESA offers free access to the Virtual Archive also to other data providers allowing data sharing in line with the GEO principles. This infrastructure is supporting the download of very high data volumes performed simultaneously.
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