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Continued Observations of Etna

Etna casts a pallor over nearby Catania and its region as shown by this true-colour quicklook derived from data acquired on March 6, 2003 by the MODIS Terra satellite.

Scientist Paul Lundgren, who analysed surface deformation of Mount Etna using eight years of ERS SAR interferograms, stated that no deflation has yet occurred after the most recent eruptions, meaning that the volcano remains in an active state. More on research carried out by Lundgren and Lanari on Etna's magmatic system is available at ERS data breathes life into Etna. The research done by Lundgren and Lanari on Etna was carried out within the framework of a Category 1 project; more information is available on such projects at the Earth Observation Principal Investigator Portal.

ESA satellites continue to monitor the volcano; recent acquisitions are shown in Etna Volcano, October 2002.

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