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Tree-height retrieval using Single Baseline Polarimetric Interferometry

Dr Shane Cloude (1)and Dr Douglas Corr(2)

(1) AELc, Granary Business Centre, Unit 3.3, Fife. KY15 5YQ, United Kingdom
(2) QinetiQ, Room 1004, A8 Building, Farnborough, Hants. GU14 0LX, United Kingdom


Polarimetric single-baseline interferometric techniques have recently been developed for the measurement of forest height (Papathanassiou, IEEE Trans GRS, Nov. 2001). In this paper, three techniques are described: DEM differences, Vegetation Bias Removal and Full Model Inversion. The choice of technique depends on the quality of the coherence data. The techniques are illustrated and validated using two sources of data: coherent SAR simulations for canopy scattering and experimental repeat-pass L-Band airborne SAR data of mature forest. The simulated data is L-Band and has baselines of 10 and 20 metres. The airborne SAR data is also L-Band, acquired with a temporal separation of 1 hour and a horizontal baseline of 20 metres. This work was performed as part of an ESA ESRIN project entitled, "Applications of SAR Polarimetry", which acts as a basis for this workshop.


Full paper

Full paper


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