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Assimilation of ENVISAT altimeter and scatterometer data in real time wave predictions

George Kallos(1) , George Galanis(2) , and George Emmanouil(1)

(1) University of Athens, University Campus , 15784, Greece
(2) Naval Academy of Greece, Pireaus, 18539, Greece


The need of high density and quality wave “information” and forecasting is continuously increasing for numerous different applications. Sea and shipping safety is of paramount importance since it is affecting a serious number of passengers as well as commercial transportation. In addition, shipping safety is inextricably linked with marine pollution which is an indirect threat to the health, safety and quality of life of world citizens, and thus its minimization is of utmost importance. In this context, the use of satellite wave data measurements are of great importance, especially in areas where other sources of information (buoy platforms, ship meteorological stations, etc.) are rare. At the framework of the EU-funded project ENVIWAVE, a new data assimilation package has been developed in order to utilize the ENVISAT (altimeter and scatterometer) real time data. The system is in operational use with focus in two different wave climate regions: Mediterranean Sea, which is a wind-dominated area, and Indian Ocean (swell dominated). Different assimilation methods have been employed and validated for global and regional scale, in order to study the benefits coming from such a procedure in operational wave forecasting.


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