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Study on Variation Trends of Jiangsu Redial Sandbanks Based on SAR Image

Yanwei Song(1) and Zhang Jie(2)

(1) Ocean University of China, No 5 Yushan Road, 266003 Qingdao , China
(2) First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Ad, No 6 Xianxialing Road, 266061 Qingdao, China


Jiangsu redial sandbanks exhibit considerable quasi-regular variations. In this study, the temporal and spatial variability of Jiangsu redial sandbanks is analyzed based on SAR images. The result indicates that the variations of Jiangsu redial sandbanks consist of two and three-dimensional variability. The former is related to overall on/offshore sandbanks migration, whereas the latter is induced by the horizontal amplitude growth, migration, or length scale change of the quasi-regular topography. By expressing the two three-dimensional variations with quantitative and viewable styles, we analyses the variation trends of Jiangsu Redial Sandbanks.



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