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Raincells associated with atmospheric fronts over the ocean studied by spaceborne SAR and weather radar data

Werner Alpers(1)

(1) University of Hamburg, Bundesstrasse 53, 20146 Hamburg, Germany


Spaceborne SAR is a unique instrument to study the distribution of rain cells in atmospheric fronts over the ocean. Usually rain cells are embedded in the atmospheric fronts, but sometimes they occur before or behind them. Examples of ERS, Envisat and Radarsat SAR images acquired over the East and South China Seas, the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea are presented and compared with simultaneously acquired weather radar images as well with other satellite data, including Quikscat, TRMM, SSS/I, and AHRR data. In particular, the relationship between quasi-stationary atmospheric fronts off the east coast of Taiwan visible on ERS and Envisat SAR images and coast-parallel rain bands visible on weather radar images is investigated in detail. The synergism of these two data sets yields new insight into the dynamics of the coast-parallel atmospheric fronts off the east coast of Taiwan.


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