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The sea ice type distribution in the Lincoln Sea

Rasmus T. Tonboe(1) , Søren Andersen(1) , Rashpal S. Gill(1) , and Jacob L. Høyer(1)

(1) DMI, Lyngbyvej 100, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark


The Lincoln Sea ice thickness distribution is important for the regional heat fluxes and the sea ice rheology and drift patterns. Radarsat SAR fuzzy logic image classification techniques maps the distribution of sea ice types which can be translated into thickness classes. In situ measurements collected during the May 2004 EU 5th FP project GreenIce camp are used as reference for snow thickness and density. The short term Lincoln Sea surface heat flux is estimated using an one dimensional thermo-dynamical model and meteorological data collected at the GreenIce camp site. The sensitivity of the heat flux to snow cover and the ice thickness distribution is discussed.



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