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Agricultural performance monitoring with Polarimetric SAR and Optical Imagery

Tishampati Dhar(2), Carl Menges(1) and Doug Gray(2)

(1) Apogee Imaging International, 12B, 1 Adelaide-Lobethal Rd., 5241 Lobethal, Australia
(2) University of Adelaide, North Terrace, 5005 Adelaide, Australia


Combined RADAR and Optical Vegetation parameter extraction and yield prediction models have been developed using airborne systems. With the availability of TerraSAR-X/ALOS-PALSAR/Radarsat-2 set of satellites and the RapidEye constellation these models need to be validated with the specific ground experiments for suitability and accuracy. A validation exercise will be carried out with near simultaneous collection of SAR for structural and Optical data for spectral information prior to the harvest of southern winter 2008 wheat, barley and canola crops. Comparison with yield values obtained from a data logging system on the harvesters will be used as validation. This process will also be extended to greater frequency monitoring for the next growing season. The basis and set-up for this experiment is presented here, results will also be presented if they are available in time.


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