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ALOS/PALSAR Unsupervised Polarimetric Classification using Complex Wishart Classifier

Masato Ohki(1) and Masanobu Shimada(1)

(1) Japan Aerospace Exploration Agancy, Sengen 2-1-1, Tsukuba, JAPAN, 305-8505, Japan


ALOS/PALSAR is the L-band spaceborne SAR system that have dual- and full-polarimetric observation capabilities. The authours applied various analysis approach to the ALOS/PALSAR polarimetric data and evaluated its capabilities of land-cover characteristics and its changes. The results shows the land-cover characteristics are effectively identified by model-based decomposition, eigen-value approach, and polarimetric correlation analysis. However, the miss-classification problem in mountaneous areas suggests the need for new approach robust over terrain slopes. We also show the results from dual- and full-polarimetry observation of recent disaster.


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