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Polarimetric Change Detection with RADARSAT-2

Ron Caves(1) and Mohsen Ghazel(1)

(1) MDA, 13800 Commerce Parkway, Richmond BC, V6V 2J3, Canada


Until recently operational change detection with spaceborne SAR was limited to single- or dual-polarization images using amplitude and coherent change detection techniques. However, with RADARSAT-2 stacks of repeat-pass polarimetric images have become operationally available for use in change detection. The fuller scattering information provided by polarimetry provides for more robust and comprehensive change detection and also allows for classification of change.

The paper reports the results of polarimetric change detection experiments on RADARSAT-2 polarimetric products, specific topics include joint filtering of image pairs prior to change detection, change quantification using a variety of metrics (Wishart metric applied to the entire covariance matrices, total power and separate intensity channels), post-filtering of change detection results to reduce isolated false alarms and visualization of polarimetric change detection results.



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