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Quazi-scattering matrix registration in repeat pass mode

Ludmila Zakharova(1) and Alexander Zakharov(1)

(1) IRE RAS, Vvedensky sq., 1, 141190 Fryazino Moscow region, Russian Federation


Full scattering matrix registration assumes four data channels (for HH, HV, VH, VV polarizations combinations at transmit/receive). Repeat-pass mode with registration of two channels allows reducing the number of data channels and getting a quazi-scattering matrix consisted of two lines mapped in different passes (e.g., HH and HV in the first pass and VH and VV in the second pass).

The paper contains the analysis of sources of errors of quazi-scattering matrix registration, modeling the polarization signatures by using such matrices, a method for errors compensation and reliability estimation. The experimental data of SIR-C SAR were processed for demonstration of potential of the introduced method.


Full paper


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