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Forest volume density estimation from ALOS PALSAR data in rugged region

Erxue Chen(1), Zengyuan Li(1), Shiming Li(1) and Fengyun Fan(1)

(1) Chinese Academy of Forestry, Dong Xiao Fu Yi Hao, Haidian District, 100091, Beijing, China


One test site located in Taian district, Shandong Province, PR. China was established in order to investigate the capability of PALSAR for forest volume density estimation. Six scenes of ALOS PALSAR level 1.1 data have been acquired for the test site, including one quad-polarization data. Ground true data were collected through field work from May to June of 2008. The high resolution airborne CCD image mosaic acquired in 2005 was used to identify each forest stands through manual interpretation. One coniferous tree specie and one broad-leave forest specie were selected as targets. For each of them, 30 forest stands were selected for field plot data measurement. The location of each stand was found according to its image feature in the high resolution CCD mosaic, and 1-4 plots were surveyed in each stand according to the size of it. The volume density, mean height and mean DBH of each stand was calculated according to the forest plot data. The correlations of volume density to multi-temporal PALSAR HH and HV intensity, interferometric coherences and the polarimetric parameters derived from the quad-polarization data were analyzed. The effect of topography on the forest volume density information extraction capability of PALSAR data was also evaluated. In addition to the analysis with the field plot measurements, the airborne LiDAR derived forest volume density in stand level was also used as reference data for the analysis. The observations of this study will contribute to the application of PALSAR data for estimating forest volume density and about ground biomass in temperate forest regions with highly rugged terrain.


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