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Compact Polarimetry: Multi-Thematic Evaluation

Francois Charbonneau(1), Brian Brisco(1), Heather McNairn(2), Paris Vachon(3) and Keith Raney(4)

(1) Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, 588 Booth St, K1A 0Y7 Ottawa, Canada
(2) Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 3701 Carling Avenue, K1A 0C6 Ottawa, Canada
(3) Defence R&D Canada, 3701 Carling Avenue, K1A 0Z4 Ottawa, Canada
(4) Johns Hopkins University, APL, 11100 Johns Hopkins Road, 20723-6099 Laurel, MD, United States


This study evaluates the potential of a compact polarimetric mode SAR concept for meeting Earth Observation requirements relative to Canadian thematic issues. The Circular-Linear (CL) concept has been selected for this study. The analysis framework is to compare results previously obtained with fully polarimetric data with results obtained with simulated CL mode data, over various natural targets (agriculture, wetland, ocean & ice) and for ship detection. CL data have been simulated from the Canadian airborne CV-580 and from RADARSAT-2 acquisitions. Basic classification procedures over natural targets have provided similar results for both cases, while we observe a reduction of ship to clutter ratio which increases the false alarm rate for ship detection with the compact mode. This paper will present the methodology used for the analyses as well as the detailed results for applications described above.


Workshop presentation


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