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Crop Characterisation at Short Wavelength POLINSAR

Irena Hajnsek(1,1) and Kostas Papathanassiou(1)

(1) German Aerospace Center, PO BOX 1116, 82234, Germany


In this paper the applicability of the polarimetric coherence tomography is investigated for a structural investigation of crop volumes at shorter frequencies. One of the most promising applications for short wavelength is in the agricultural domain. Short wavelength allows you to be more sensitive to the crop volume and have less ground contribution. In order to characterise crop volume you need InSAR, but InSAR at short wavelength is very challenging in a repeat pass system. Therefore, single pass systems as it will be the case with the Tandem-X Satellite are promising to avoid temporal decorrelation.

In this paper for the first time structural functions as it was suggested for the polarimetric coherence tompography approach using one baseline with a known height and topography. The investigations are done with short wavelength (X- and C-band) and for a whole vegetation growing period acquired in the frame of the AGRISAR campaign in spring and summer 2006.


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