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Land Deformation Assessment using Interferometric Techniques and Geophysic Methods in the Mount Cameroon.

Ngouanet Chr├ętien(1), ZOGNING Appolinaire(1), KAMGUIA Joseph(1), TADJOU Jean Marie(1) and KANDE Ludovic(1)

(1) National Institute of Cartography, P.O. Box 157, Yaounde, Cameroon


Within the framework of this paper which is a component of our ALOS project (ID 3749) , we apply interferometric technique and geophysic methods in the assessment of land deformation on Mount Cameroon, an active volcano. With an average eruption interval of fifteen years during the last century, this activity is generally characterized by fissural and effusive eruption, but which is sometimes explosive, accompanied by earthquakes and more or less significant tectonic movements. This is the case of the last two eruptions in 1999 and 2000. Geophysic investigations (densification of geodetic network, gravimetry and audio-magneto-telluric measurements)enable us to come out with a structural map of the volcano. In order to evaluate and assess land deformation, we are intending to couple these field measurements with the radar interferometric technique. Some results of the interferometric technique are available, but still to be improved.



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