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P-Band SAR Tomography of the Remningstorp Forest Site

Stefano Tebaldini(1)

(1) Politecnico di Milano, Leonardo da Vinci, 20133, Milan, Italy


This paper is devoted to reporting the results of the tomographic analysis of the forest site of Remningstorp, Sweden. The analysis has been based on a data-set of 9 P-Band, fully polarimetric SAR images acquired by the DLR airborne system E-SAR. The acquisition campaign has been carried out in Spring 2007, in the framework of the ESA project BioSAR, aiming at the investigation of radar signatures of boreal forests. Thanks to the availability of multi-baseline and multi-polarimetric data, both the polarimetric signature and the vertical structure of the Remningstorp forest have been analyzed. As a result, the following analyses will be presented: 1) Analysis of the polarimetric signature; 2) Single and multi-polarimetric spectral analysis of the forest vertical structure; 3) Parametric estimation of the forest vertical structure; 4) Separation of the polarimetric signatures associated the ground and canopy.

As a result, different kinds of arguments will be presented that indicate that the Radar signature of the Remningstorp forest at P-Band is mainly due to contributions from the ground, whereas contributions from the canopy have turned out to methodically weaker, even in the HV channel. From a physical point of view, this result is consistent with the hypothesis of double bounce contributions due to both trunk-ground and canopy-ground interactions, eventually perturbed by the presence of understory, trunk and ground roughness, or by small oscillations in the local topography.


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