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Progress on the first POLinSAR analysis of ALOS/PALSAR in the tropical forest of Indonesia.

Mahmud Raimadoya(1), Bambang Trisassongko(1), Ludmila Zakharova(2) and Nurwadjedi Fahmi(3)

(1) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), P.O. Box 2049, 16020 Bogor, Indonesia
(2) IRE – Russian Academy of Sciences, Vvedensky sq., 1, Fryazino 141190, Russian Federation
(3) National Mapping Coordination Agency-Bakosurtanal, Jalan Raya Jakarta Bogor Km46, Cibinong, Indonesia


A first attempt in Indonesia to apply POLinSAR analysis for the tropical forest with space-borne SAR is being implemented under AIPEX (ALOS-Indonesia POLinSAR Experiment). AIPEX is supported by JAXA/ALOS Research Announcement-2 Program (RA2-402) and endorsed by Indonesia’s Forestry Department due to successful application of previous first POLSAR analysis. POLSAR was implemented in the plantation forest with support from ESA/Envisat Announcement of Opportunity Program: Envisat-Indonesia Radar Biomass Experiment (EIRBEX/AOE-869).

AIPEX target application is expanded to include natural tropical forest, due to EIRBEX promising result on forest plantation and oil palm applications. The objectives of this exercise, therefore, are: (1) to test POLinSAR analysis with ALOS/PALSAR data in the tropical forest (natural or plantation) of Indonesia; (2) to study the application of ESA’s open source POLSARPRO software for POLinSAR analysis; and (3) to prepare the appropriate ‘super-sites’ of Indonesia for 2009 PALSAR/PLR mode acquisition in accordance to JAXA/ALOS Systematic Observation Plan.

This paper updates the progress on POLinSAR analysis for SLC image pairs of either PLR-215 or FBD-343 in the selected test sites of Indonesia (Objective #1 and #2). At the same time it identified the relevant ‘super-sites’ for 2009 PALSAR/PLR acquisition (Objective #3) for JAXA attention. POLinSAR analysis was first implemented on a single-baseline PLR image pair (B-parallel: -1139.26m, B-normal: -1347.76m), of the following path (P) and frame (F) number: P-488, F-30 (dated: 20070311/Slave [ALPSRP060040030] and 20070426/Master [ALPSRP066750030]). Possibility for multi-baseline exercise is prepared for FBD image pairs of P-443, F-7190 in three different dates: 20080630, 20080815 and 20080930.


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