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A new online course on radar polarimetry and POLSAR image processing

Brigitte Leblon(1)

(1) Forestry, U. New Brunswick, 28 Dinneen, E3B 6C2, Canada


A new on-line course ( dealing with radar polarimetry and RADARSAT-2 images will be presented. Its design has been sponsored by the Canadian Space Agency and by U. of New Brunswick. The objective of the course is to provide the required skills to process SAR images, particularly the polarimetric SAR images. The course is divided in nine instructional modules which present polarimetric SAR images analysis in sequence as a function of increasing complexity as follows: 1) Single-polarized images; 2) Wave polarization (ellipticity, Poincaré sphere, Stokes vector, Jones vector); 3)Multipolarized non polarimetric images (co-pol/cross-pol ratios); 4)Polarimetric scattering (filtering methods, scattering matrices, Huynen fork); 5)Polarimetric analysis (polarization synthesis, polarimetric response, pedestal height); 6) Polarimetric variables (fractional polarization, coefficient of variation, coefficient of correlation, phase difference); 7)Coherent target decomposition (Pauli, Cameron, SSCM, Krogager, Huynen); 8) Incoherent target decomposition (van Zyl, Freeman-Durden, Cloude-Pottier, Touzi) and 9)Image classification (Supervised, unsupervised, hybrid) The course is more than a simple tutorial, because at the end of the theoretical part of each module, there is an online quiz to be completed. Then, each theoretical chapter is joined with a hands-on on-line laboratory. The course has also a final exam which tests the ability to understand radar polarimetry and to process polarimetric SAR images. Up to now, students from Ontario, Québec, British Columbia, New Foundland, Argentina, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Equator have been registered into the course. The French and Spanish versions of the course will be available this fall. The course is also available at the graduate level under FOR 6304. BOth courses can be audited.


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