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Advantages of ICA application on RADARSAT-2 data processing

Paola Ballatore(1)

(1) MARSec, Via perlingieri, 1, Benevento, 82100, Italy


The application of Independent Component Analysis (ICA) on SAR images has given satisfactory results, with specific usefulness and applicability in cases of processing without ground-truth and detailed atmospheric-data availability. In particular, the extraction of geophysical information has been obtained and verified in cases of single-polarization multi-pass ERS-1/ERS-2 SAR images (e.g., Ballatore, Proc. of FRINGE 2007 Workshop, ESA SP-649, 2008) . The application of ICA technique on multi-polarization SAR data is expected to provide several additional potentialities. This paper describes these potentialities, with specific reference to the case of RADARSAT-2 parameters. Considering that some experimental findings are already available about ICA application on quad-pol PALSAR data, the extension of this applicability on RADARSAT-2 images is detailed, together with the importance of the supplementary geophysical information that will be derived. Some results obtained on RADARSAT-2 simulations are presented.


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