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Use of airborne and field data to validate sea surface temperature data from MODIS and ATSR in the Ria de Vigo

Luis Gonzalez-Vilas(1), Angela Mosquera Giménez(1), Marta Darriba-Estevez(1) and Jesus Torres Palenzuela(1)

(1) University of Vigo, Campus Lagoas-Marcosende, 36310 Vigo, Spain


The Ria de Vigo (northwest Spain) is a coastal inlet strongly influenced by the processes of coastal upwelling and downwelling on the adjacent continental shelf, which in their turn have an affect on the productivity and the cultivation of mussels on this area. Chlorophyll and sea surface temperature (SST) data from satellite (MERIS, MODIS or AATSR) might be useful to study the temporal evolution on these processes, although it is a complicated operation due to the relatively low spatial resolution as compared to the small study area. This work is intended to evaluate the ability of AATSR and MODIS data in order to obtain SST maps of the Ria de Vigo by comparing with airborne and field data. Airborne data were derived from the thermal infrared band of the ATM sensor on board the NERC Do-228 aircraft of the EUFAR fleet during the survey completed on September 27 and 28, 2006. At the same time a boat campaign was carried out and sea surface temperature data were collected by means of a temperature and depth logger (pro-log). Field and ATM data were correlated through a neural net to provide a high resolution distribution of the SST, and next it was used to validate AATSR and MODIS data. Results show that satellite data are a useful tool to approach the temperature in the area and identify possible downwelling (or upwelling) events, in spite of detailed studies about circulation processes are not possible.


Keywords: ESA European Space Agency - Agence spatiale europeenne, observation de la terre, earth observation, satellite remote sensing, teledetection, geophysique, altimetrie, radar, chimique atmospherique, geophysics, altimetry, radar, atmospheric chemistry