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Stereo analysis tools for cloud-top heights and cloud masks from (A)ATSR(2)

Jan-Peter Muller(1) and Ludwig Brinckmann(1)

(1) University College London, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Holmbury St Mary, United Kingdom


A stereo analysis toolkit for processing ATSR(2) into Cloud-top heights and cloud masks has been developed in IDL based on the algorithms reported by Muller et al., (2007), Denis et al., (2007) and its accuracy in Naud et al., ( 2007).

Subsequently, a Java-based extension (plug-in) to BEAM was developed by Brinckmann (2008) based on these algorithms for processing AATSR (and any previous ATSR(2) data processed into this format) into cloud-top heights and for automated optical navigation of AATSR data against cloud-free image mosaics. This BEAM tool will be demonstrated in an interactive session and will be available at the time of the workshop via the web-site. Examples of the application of this tool to the detection of differences between multispectral channels in global cloud climatologies (compared against MODIS and ISCCP) and in the detection of major co-registration errors between nadir and off-nadir AATSR channels will be shown.

Cited references Brinckmann, L., 2008: Stereo-Photogrammetric ATSR Data Analysis with BEAM. Documentation for BEAM plug-in. 20 March 2008. Available from

Denis, M. A., J.-P. Muller, and H. Mannstein, 2007: ATSR-2 camera models for the automated stereo photogrammetric retrieval of Cloud-Top heights. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 28, 1939-1955.

Muller, J.-P., M. A. Denis, R. Dundas, K. L. M. Mitchell, C. M. Naud, and H. M. Mannstein, 2007: Stereo cloud-top height and amount retrieval from ATSR2. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 28, 1921-1938.

Naud, C., K. L. Mitchell, J.-P. Muller, E. E. Clothiaux, P. Albert, R. Preusker, J. Fischer, and R. Hogan, 2007: Comparison between ATSR2 stereo, MOS O2-A band and ground-based derived cloud top Heights. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 28, 1969-1987.


Keywords: ESA European Space Agency - Agence spatiale europeenne, observation de la terre, earth observation, satellite remote sensing, teledetection, geophysique, altimetrie, radar, chimique atmospherique, geophysics, altimetry, radar, atmospheric chemistry