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Is there a common future for GOCE and GRID?

Dr Keith Haines(1)and Dr Luigi Fusco(2)

(1) Reading University, 3, Earley Gate, RG6 6AL, Reading, United Kingdom
(2) ESA-ESRIN, Via Galileo Galilei, 00044 Frascati, Italy


Using Grid and Web services to manage distributed data and computing resources is becoming more common in a number of science fields both in the US and across Europe. It is an ideal time to start an early discussion about whether this technology will be useful for GOCE either for managing data within the ground segment and/or for working up the data towards level 2 and 3 gravity and geoid products. A presentation of the background to Grid and the Grid activities within ESA will be given followed by an invitation for discussion of what the possibilities are for investing in a GOCE data users Grid. Such a Grid might be used for managing and enabling more extensive research with GOCE data among user groups who otherwise may not have sufficient local computational resources to participate in such activities.


Workshop presentation

Keywords: ESA European Space Agency - Agence spatiale europeenne, observation de la terre, earth observation, satellite remote sensing, teledetection, geophysique, altimetrie, radar, chimique atmospherique, geophysics, altimetry, radar, atmospheric chemistry