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First TerraSAR-X Interferometry Evaluation

Michael Eineder(1), Adam Nico(1) and Nestor Yague-Martinez(1)

(1) DLR, M√ľnchner Str. 20, 82234 Wessling, Germany


The German radar satellite TerraSAR-X was launched in June 2007 and is currently in its comissioning phase. We anticipate quite different interferometric application scenarios compared to ERS-1/2 and ASAR due to the X-band frequency, the short orbital repeat cycles of 11 days, the high range resolution and the spotlight mode of this sensor.

During the comissioning phase we have scheduled a number of test sites with different characteristics to get an early quicklook of TeraSAR-X's interferometric capabilities and to assess the phase quality of the sensor / processor system.

Our first results are quite encouraging and the technical parameters of the system are as specified. Many spectacular image details let us expect that the high resolution will demand a different view on SAR interferometry and allow new applications in urban environments.

In our paper we show interferograms and images of different test sites, coherence measurements and a first assessment of accuracy parameters. We will give hints to future scientific users on data selection and data processing.

The results are of high relevance for the TanDEM-X mission scheduled for 2009, when a second compatible SAR-sensor will be launched for a joint 3 year bistatic interferometric formation flight.


Workshop presentation

Keywords: ESA European Space Agency - Agence spatiale europeenne, observation de la terre, earth observation, satellite remote sensing, teledetection, geophysique, altimetrie, radar, chimique atmospherique, geophysics, altimetry, radar, atmospheric chemistry