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Coherent Target Analysis

Marco Van der Kooij(1) and William Hughes(1)

(1) Atlantis Scientific Inc, 20 Colonnade Road, Suite 110, K2E 7M6 Nepean, Ontario, Canada


In the last decade repeat-pass SAR Interferometry (InSAR) has been demonstrated as a successful technology for mapping large scale deformation dynamics at sub-cm level accuracy. Recently several researchers have demonstrated the value of joint analysis of large numbers of SAR datasets. Perhaps the most successful approach analyses co-registered imagery on a pixel-by-pixel basis to detect permanently coherent pixels and to measure (constant or near constant) deformation rates. This method is powerful and has received significant attention. However the method is limited by the fact that only permanently coherent targets are detected and a relatively large number of scenes are required (~30) before accurate detections and measurements can be made.

This paper is focusing on a more generalized analysis of coherent targets that includes targets that are temporarily coherent as well as targets with a low coherence. It will be shown that significant amounts of information are available with these characteristics. It is possible to extract this information through a combination of temporal and spatial filtering techniques. Coherent Target Analysis methodology is not limited to a large number of scenes and allows extraction of all coherent information at different time scales. In order to demonstrate the concept of temporarily coherent information the parameter decorrelation time is introduced that can be extracted from a set of SAR imagery.

Multiple sets of ERS and Radarsat data for several sites are used for demonstration and analysis (including Vancouver, Ft. St. John, B.C, Phoenix and Long Beach).


Keywords: ESA European Space Agency - Agence spatiale europeenne, observation de la terre, earth observation, satellite remote sensing, teledetection, geophysique, altimetrie, radar, chimique atmospherique, geophysics, altimetry, radar, atmospheric chemistry