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Carbon Monoxide and Methane Retrievals from SCIAMACHY Infrared Channels

Sebastián Gimeno García(1), Franz Schreier(1), Günter Lichtenberg(1), Sander Slijkhuis(1) and Bernd Aberle(1)

(1) DLR, Münchenerstr. 20, 82234 Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany


The Beer InfraRed Retrieval Algorithm (BIRRA) is designed to retrieve vertical column densities (VCDs) of atmospheric gases in the near infrared (NIR) region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Recently, it has been successfully incorporated into the operational SCIAMACHY processor for retrieval of carbon monoxide (CO) VCDs from nadir observations in channel 8 (validation is still ongoing). Furthermore, BIRRA can be used to gain information on other gases absorbing in the SCIAMACHY NIR channels, the most important among them being CH4 and CO2.

During its lifetime, SCIAMACHY NIR channels have been degrading, with the number of bad and/or dead pixels continuously increasing with time. Further, it has been shown that retrieval results vary considerably with the omission (or inclusion) of one single spectral pixel. For this reason, an accurate bad dead pixel mask is crucial for the quality of the SCIAMACHY NIR retrievals. Additionally, the post-processing (nb. filtering of good results) is not straightforward and special care has to be taken.

In this work, we present results of carbon monoxide and methane retrievals using BIRRA in SCIAMACHY channels 6 and 8.