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Recent evolution of stratospheric water vapour, ozone and related species derived from satellite measurements

Joachim Urban(1), Ashley Jones(2), Samuel Brohede(1) and Donal Murtagh(1)

(1) Chalmers University of Technology, Horsalsvagen 11, 412 96 Goteborg, Sweden
(2) University of Toronto, , Toronto, Canada


The aim of the work is to provide an overview of the recent evolution of the key stratospheric species water vapour, ozone and related trace gases of the chlorine and nitrogen chemical families such as for example the chlorine species HCl and ClO. We extend the historical satellite time-series of O3 and H2O from SAGE and HALOE, available until 2005, to present day by using data from Odin (launch 2001), Envisat (launch 2002), and other more recently launched satellites. The study provides an update of the expected long term recovery of stratospheric ozone and the decrease of chlorine loading in the upper stratosphere, as well as on the most recent evolution of stratospheric water vapour (and water isotopologues). Comparison and combination of various satellite time-series also provides a critical test of the quality of the different new satellite data sets.


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