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Validation of limb scatter ozone profiles from SCIAMACHY (2002-present) by comparison with HALOE, SAGE, MLS and ACE

Sebastian Mieruch(1), Mark Weber(1), Christian von Savigny(1), Alexei Rozanov(1) and John P. Burrows(1)

(1) University of Bremen, Otto-Hahn-Allee 1, 28359 Bremen, Germany


Limb scatter ozone profiles are available from SCIAMACHY since 2002. During this time global ozone profiles have been measured by several other satellite instruments. In this paper, ozone profiles from SCIAMACHY (two data versions, ESA operational and IUP scientific retrievals), HALOE, SAGE, MLS, and ACE are compared. On one hand the comparison has been performed on an individual basis, investigating single collocated profiles from five instruments. On the other hand latitudinal and seasonal averages have been analysed.

In addition to calculating differences between the ozone profiles we have performed a hypothesis testing. In the context of the unknown real ozone profiles, the best estimate (still error prone) of the true ozone profile is the weighted average over all instruments. Thus, using a chi-square test we are able to infer the probabilities of correctly accepting/rejecting the nullhypothesis that observed ozone measurements from different instruments are basically equal and differences are merely due to scatter of measurements, or the opposite, differences are larger than the measurement scatter. This statistical hypothesis testing gives us additional information on quality and performance of the five satellite instruments measuring global ozone profiles.