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The SCIAMACHY Consolidated Level 0 Master Archive

Manfred Gottwald(1), Eckhart Krieg(1), Katja Reissig(1), John How(1), Angelika Dehn(2) and Thorsten Fehr(3)

(1) German Aerospace Center (DLR), Oberpfaffenhofen, 82234 Wessling, Germany
(2) Serco, Via Sciadonna 24, 00044 Frascati (RM), Italy
(3) ESA/ESRIN, Via Galileo Galilei, 00044 Frascati (RM), Italy


The delivery of SCIAMACHY level 0 data from ESA to DLR is one of the instrument provider’s specific data interfaces in the Payload Data Segment. For consolidated level 0 (cL0) data, this interface has been technically implemented via a transfer between D-PAC and the Data Information Management System (DIMS) of the German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) at DLR. This process generates, over the mission lifetime, a complete master measurement data set of SCIAMACHY cL0 products. Since consolidated products represent the planned and executed measurements as precisely as possible, they are well suited as basic data repository for SCIAMACHY reprocessing campaigns and providing measurement data for instrument longterm monitoring studies.

An important aspect within the task of generating this archive is screening of the cL0 products. Quality assurance necessitates the population of a master archive with correct and unambiguous data. By applying various filter mechanism the incoming cL0 files undergo thorough verification ensuring that these quality criteria are met. In this presentation we provide the current status of the cL0 master archive, covering completely processed years 2002-2007, with cL0 product availabilities as high as 97%.