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Utilization of synergetic aerosol retrieval from ENVISAT and METOP

Thomas Holzer-Popp(1), Dmytro Martynenko(1) and Lars Kl├╝ser(1)

(1) DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, 82234 Wessling, Germany


A synergetic aerosol retrieval method SYNAER which exploits a combination of a radiometer and a spectrometer onboard ENVISAT and METOP has been developed. This method enables retrieval of aerosol optical depth and an estimation of the aerosol composition. Due to the sampling characteristics and available information content of the combined sensor data the utilization of the results has to be done with appropriate care. On the other hand the specifically new information on aerosol composition enables new applications in the fields of aerosol monitoring (differntiating components), air quality (fine particulate matter assessment and data assimilation), and climate research (aerosol-cloud interaction analysis for different aerosol components).

The paper will show inter-comparisons of SYNAER results to other datasets (AERONET, MODIS, EMEP) and examples of applications in the various fields. The paper will be based on ongoing reprocessing of SYNAER for ENVISAT 2003-2009 within ESA GSE PROMOTE and on experimental selected results for METOP. Implications of the different sampling of the two sensor combinations for the differnt applications will be assessed.


Workshop presentation