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New atmospheric species retrievable from MIPAS

Anu Dudhia(1)

(1) University of Oxford, AOPP, Oxford OX1 3PU, United Kingdom


The standard ESA L2 operational products of MIPAS are profiles of Temperature, Pressure, H2O, O3, HNO3, CH4, N2O and NO2. This list was defined before launch (in 2002), and therefore intended to be conservative with respect to both the robustness of the retrieval algorithm and the limitations of computing power avaialable at that time.

Since then, MIPAS has generated a large set of atmospheric emission spectra and, based on practical experience, a number of different institutes have created their own MIPAS processing schemes to retrieve additional products. Computing power has also increased by at least an order of magnitude.

Here we re-examine the list of molecules with significant emission features within the MIPAS spectral range and identify which could be added to the future versions of the ESA operational processor without requiring any significant change in the existing retrieval algorithm.


Workshop presentation