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Aerosol Profile Retrieval using SCIAMACHY Polarization Data?

Patricia Liebing(1), Klaus Bramstedt(1), Stefan Noel(1), Vladimir V. Rozanov(1), Heinrich Bovensmann(1) and John P. Burrows(1)

(1) IUP Bremen, Postfach 33 04 40, 28334 Bremen, Germany


SCIAMACHY measures the linear polarization (Q-component of the Stokes vector) in 6 broad wavelength bands between approximately 300 and 2000 nm. The polarization is inferred from the Polarization Measurement Devices (PMDs) and the scientific data integrated over the corresponding bandwidth of the PMDs (serveal hundred nm), using their known polarization sensitivity.

These data are primarily used for the absolute radiometric calibration of the spectrometer data. On the other hand it is known that polarization may be sensitive to aerosol concentration and size. In particular, the SCIAMACHY Limb data can potentially provide valuable information on aerosol profiles.

This study investigates the feasibility of using the SCIAMACHY polarization data for aerosol profile retrieval. The accuracy of the polarization measurements is estimated from the statistical precision of the data and the accuracy of calibration constants and algorithm. The data and their accuracies are then compared to results of a Vector Radiative Transfer Model (SCIATRAN Version 3) for different aerosol settings and albedos.


Workshop presentation