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Ozone monitoring with GOMOS-ENVISAT experiment version 6

Philippe Keckhut(1), Alain Hauchecorne(1), Laurent Blanot(1), Klemens Hocke(2), Sophie Godin-Beekmann(3) and Jean-Loup Bertaux(1)

(1) LATMOS-IPSL, Route des gatines, 91371, France
(2) Institute of Applied Physics, University of Bern, Sidlerstr. 5, 3012, Switzerland
(3) LATMOS-IPSL, UPMC - Boite 102, 4 Place Jussieu, 75252, France


The GOMOS experiment on ENVISAT is based on the start occultation technique. This method is particularly well adapted for monitoring the ozone density on a global scale because the method is self-calibrated and provides numerous measurements at nearly constant solar time. However the decrease of the detector sensitivity could have included some bias. The comparisons between GOMOS ozone data with lidar and microwave seem to show that a drift could have occurred in 2006. The proposed new algorithm is supposed to better take into account the detector characteristics and remove this bias effect.


Workshop presentation