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The result of the initial functional verification on orbit of GOSAT

Masakatsu Nakajima(1), Takashi Hamazaki(1), Akihiko Kuze(1), Hiroshi Suto(1), Kei Shiomi(1) and Shuji Kawakami(1)

(1) JAXA, 2-1-1, Sengen, 305-8505, Japan


GOSAT was launched by JAXA on 23rd January, 2009(JST). Its initial functional verification on orbit and the initial calibration had been carried out on schedule, and the satellite is in good condition. GOSAT has two main mission instruments which are called TANSO altogether. One of TANSO is the Fourier Transform Spectrometer(FTS) and another one is the Cloud and Aerosol Imager(CAI). The FTS detects the Short wave infrared (SWIR) reflected on the earth´s surface as well as the thermal infrared (TIR) radiated from the ground and the atmosphere. The CAI is a radiometer of ultraviolet, visible and SWIR to correct cloud and aerosol interference. In this presentation, the instruments design, the result of the initial on-orbit functional verification of the mission instruments and the initial calibration will be presented.


Workshop presentation