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Stratospheric profiles of NO2, BrO and OClO: Observations by SCIAMACHY and comparisons to ECHAM5/MESSy1

Sven Kuehl(1,1), Janis Pukite(1), Steffen Doerner(1), Patrick Joeckel(1), Tim Deutschmann(2), Ulrich Platt(2) and Thomas Wagner(1)

(1) MPI fuer Chemie, Mainz, Becher Weg 27, 55128 Mainz, Germany
(2) IUP Heidelberg, INF 229, 69122 Heidelberg, Germany


We present vertical profiles of NO2, BrO and OClO retrieved from the SCIAMACHY limb observations of the years 2003-2008. This dataset is investigated regarding the agreement with balloon-borne validation measurements and correlated satellite observations and the relation to meteorological parameters (for long term and in case studies). As well, the derived profiles are compared to ECHAM5/MESSy1 simulations which were calculated exactly for the time and place of the SCIAMACHY observations. The interaction of the stratospheric trace species NO2, BrO, OClO will be investigated for selected meteorological situations as well as for long term correlations for different seasons and latitudes, considering in particular the impact on the ozone chemistry. We investigate the inter-hemispheric differences in the OClO profile (e.g. regarding the magnitude, the altitude of the profile peak and their evolution throughout the winter). For the Arctic, we study the inter-annual differences and investigate the dependence of chlorine activation on the respective meteorology for a given winter.