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Aerosol optical depths in the ECMWF/GEMS model: Comparisons with the GlobAerosol dataset.

Carole Peubey(1), Angela Benedetti(1) and Jean-Jacques Morcrette(1)

(1) ECMWF, Shinfield Park, RG2 9AX Reading, United Kingdom


An experimental version of the ECMWF Integrated Forecast System now includes prognostic aerosols in both its analysis and forecast modules. Five years (2003-2007) of analyses of MODIS observations have been carried out with that system as part of the GEMS project (Global Earth Monitoring using Satellite and in situ data). GEMS analysis and forecast of the aerosol optical depth for 2004 are compared to relevant quantities from the GlobAerosol data set. Results will be shown and discussed.