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Monitoring of Atmospheric Composition with the IASI/METOP Sounder: Co and Ozone Distributions

Maya George(1), Cathy Clerbaux(1), Daniel Hurtmans(2), Juliette Hadji-Lazaro(1), Anne Boynard(1), Matthieu Pommier(1), Claire Scannell(1), Solène Turquety(3) and Pierre-Francois Coheur(2)

(1) LATMOS/IPSL, CNRS, UPMC Université Paris 06, Paris, France
(2) Spectroscopie de l'Atmosphère, ULB, , Brussels, Belgium
(3) Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique/IPSL, UPMC Université Paris 06, Palaiseau, France


IASI is monitoring the atmospheric composition at any location two times per day, and is measuring some of the chemical components playing a key role in the climate system and pollution issues. This mission has an unprecedented horizontal resolution and coverage, from which global, regional and local distributions of trace gas concentrations can be derived. After an introduction that highlights the specific capabilities of IASI as compared to former or currently flying missions, this talk will summarize the results we have obtained from the 2008-2009 near real time processing of CO and ozone, two atmospheric key species for the monitoring of air pollution. The retrieved concentrations are compared with other available data, and specific pollution events will be shown. The potential of near real time delivery of atmospheric composition products from IASI to the user community such as the GEMS/MACC consortium will be discussed.