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NO2 Total and Tropospheric Vertical Column Densities from OMI on EOS Aura

J. F. Gleason(1), E. J. Bucsela(2), E. A. Celarier(3), J.P. Veefkind(4), S.W. Kim(5) and G.F. Frost(5)

(1) GSFC, -, -, United States
(2) UMBC, -, -, United States
(3) SGT, -, -, United States
(4) KNMI, -, -, Netherlands
(5) NOAA ESRL, -, -, United States


The Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI), which is on the EOS AURA satellite, retrieves vertical column densities (VCDs) of NO2, along with those of several other trace gases.

The relatively high spatial resolution and daily global coverage of the instrument make it particularly well-suited to monitoring tropospheric pollution at scales on the order of 20 km. The OMI NO2 algorithm distinguishes polluted regions from background stratospheric NO2 using a separation algorithm that relies on the smoothly varying stratospheric NO2 and estimations of both stratospheric and tropospheric air mass factors (AMFs). Version 1 of OMI NO2 data has been released for public use. An overview of OMI NO2 data, some recent results and a description of the improvements for version 2 of the algorithm will be presented.