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Comparison of GOME-2 and OMI sulfur dioxide retrievals

Arlin Krueger(1), Nickolay Krotkov(1) and Kai Yang(1)

(1) UMBC, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250, United States


The algorithms for retrieval of sulfur dioxide column amounts from OMI UV radiance data have been applied to GOME-2 data. The OMSO2 algorithms use four assumed SO2 layer heights to derive total column SO2 for typical emission conditions ranging from anthropogenic sources, to smelter emissions and volcanic degassing, to effusive volcanic eruptions, and finally to explosive volcanic eruptions. The GOME-2 and OMI SO2 results were compared under background and explosive volcanic cloud conditions following the eruption of Kasatochi in August 2008. Preliminary results indicate that the GOME-2 SO2 background retrieval noise level is twice that of OMI. For high levels of SO2 in stratospheric volcanic clouds, the peak amounts on August 10, 2008 in GOME-2 data are about 130 DU compared with about 240 DU in the OMI data. The effect of spectral bandwidth differences is being considered as one of the causes of these discrepancies. Other possible causes will also be discussed.


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