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An Assessment of IPCC 20th Century Climate Simulations Using the 15-year Sea Level Record from Altimetry

Eric Leuliette(1) , Steve Nerem(1) , and Thomas Jakub(1)

(1) University of Colorado, 431 UCB, Boulder CO 80309, United States


Recently, multiple ensemble climate simulations have been produced for the forthcoming 4th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Nearly two dozen coupled ocean-atmosphere models have contributed output for a variety of climate scenarios. One scenario, the climate of the 20th century experiment (20C3M), produces model output that can be compared to the long record of sea level provided by altimetry. Validation of the 20C3M experiment results is crucial to the goals of the IPCC. Generally, the output from these runs is used to initialize simulations of future climate scenarios. We present comparisons of global mean sea level, global mean thermosteric sea level change, and regional patterns of sea level change from these models to results from altimetry, in situ measurements, and reconstructions.


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