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OSCAR : looking at continental surfaces with radar altimetry.

Benoit Legresy(1) , Fabrice Papa(2) , Fabien Blarel(1) , Jean-Francois Creteaux(3) , Florence Birol(1) , Annie Cazenave(3) , Kien Dominh(3) , Frederic Frappart(1) , Stephane Calmant(1) , Marie-Claude Gennero(3) , Alexei Kouraev(1) , and Frederique Remy(1)

(1) LEGOS, 14 av. E. Belin, 31400 Toulouse, France
(2) NASA, 200 S.W. Mudd, MC 4701, United States
(3) CNES, 14 av. E. Belin, 31400 Toulouse, France


The OSCAR project (observing continental surfaces with radar altimetry) intends to develop applications of the radar altimetry outside the ocean. It is based mainly on TOPEX, ERS and ENVISAT data. We processed the whole ERS2 mission dataset from WAP to retracked level using an equivalent of the ICE2 retracking procedure used on ENVISAT ground segment. In addition to the ice caps, we show here applications to continental surfaces, snow depth survey, sea ice, inundated surfaces, lakes, rivers and ocean coastal zones.


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