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Toulouse Global and Regional Tidal Atlas : a review on progress and recent result in tidal science and products

Florent Lyard(1) , Thierry Letellier(1) , and Laurent Roblou(2)

(1) LEGOS, 14 avenue Edouard Belin, 31400 Toulouse, France
(2) Noveltis, parc technologique, 31 Ramonville, France


The Topex/Poseidon project has triggered one of the most important effort in the tidal science in the last 20 years. Both empirical and modelling approach have been widely developed and used in conjunction to improve our knowledge on the tidal dynamic over the global ocean. Not only the tides can now been predicted within a few centimeter accuracy all over the ocean, but also the understanding of the physic and energy budget of the tides has seen a striking move forward. In this field, the most impressive result of the Topex/Poseidon mission was to make us rediscover, and quantify, the importance of the barotropic tide dissipation through the energy conversion toward the internal waves. The state-of-the-art of the tidal science has taken advantage of these results, and the accuracy of purely hydrodynamic tidal solution is now up to three time better than it was in 1990. The improvement of the tidal atlas in shelf and coastal regions is now the new challenge of the tidal community, and the latest global (FES2004) and regional tidal atlas designed for altimetry de-aliasing are presented


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