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Inverse estimate of the North Atlantic Circulation:n Influence of the fine resolution GOCINA dynamic topography

Dmitry Sidorenko(1) , Sergey Danilov(1) , and Jens Schroeter(1)

(1) Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Postfach 12 01 61, 27515 Bremerhaven, Germany


The circulation in the North Atlantic subpolar gyre and the Nordic seas has been improved by assimilating GOCINA altimetry into inverse finite-element ocean circulation model. The inverse model seeks for the density field which minimizes the distance between model and observations subject to stationary dynamic equations.

A series of model experiments has been conducted to improve the circulation by including altimetry data. It turned out to be necessary to add information about the deep ocean circulation to obtain a realistic solution. We chose to require closeness of the deep pressure gradient to that of a forward solution.

The work also gives estimates of transports across the Denmark Strait.



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