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Hydrological data base from satellite altimetry

Marie-Claude Gennero(1) , Jean-François Crétaux(1) , Caroline Maheu-Mercier(1) , Muriel Bergé-Nguyen(1) , Kien Do Minh(1) , and Anny Cazenave(1)

(1) LEGOS, OMP, 31400 Toulouse, France


In the recent years satellite altimetry has been used to obtain water level time series over inland seas, lakes, rivers, floodplains and wetlands. We have developed a global data base of water level time series over lakes, rivers, man-made reservoirs and floodplains based on satellite altimetry data from several missions : Topex/Poseidon (1992- ), ERS-2 (1995- ), GFO (2000- ), Jason-1 (2001- ) and ENVISAT (2002- ). Most of the water level time series of the data base are constructed using the Topex/Poseidon GDRs data, but a number of lakes water levels are also based on ERS, GFO, Jason-1 and ENVISAT data. At the time of writing, about 100 lakes, 200 virtual stations on rivers, 50 reservoirs and a few tens of floodplains sites worldwide are available on the data base, accessible via internet. The numerical water level data can also be downloaded. Several examples of hydrological applications in different river basins worldwide are presented. In addition to water level time series, discharge time series over several large rivers as well as time-variations of surface water volumes over floodplains are also presented.



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