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Outreach at CIOSS – The Cooperative Institute for Oceanographic Satellite Studies

P. Ted Strub(1) and Amy Vandehey(1)

(1) Oregon State University, 104 COAS Admin Bldg, Corvallis, OR 97331-5503, United States


Outreach in the broadest sense is a prominent theme at the newest cooperative institute sponsored by NOAA/NESDIS: The Cooperative Institute for Oceanographic Satellite Studies. CIOSS has five Research Themes:

Theme 1: Satellite Sensors and Techniques: Development of satellite oceanography techniques and applications; evaluation of existing and proposed satellite sensors, algorithms, techniques and applications.

Theme 2: Ocean-Atmosphere Fields and Fluxes: Development, evaluation and analysis of improved fields of physical and biological parameters in the upper ocean, using combinations of remote sensing, in situ data and modeling.

Theme 3: Ocean-Atmosphere Models and Data Assimilation: Use of satellite-derived fields to force and evaluate numerical models of the oceanic and atmospheric circulation, including the assimilation of those fields using methods of inverse modeling.

Theme 4: Ocean-Atmosphere Analyses: Dynamical and statistical analyses of data sets derived from satellites, models and instruments, to increase our understanding of the physical, bio-chemical and societal processes that affect and are affected by the ocean.

Theme 5: Outreach: We include three broad Outreach areas, each to be related to CIOSS research and its results.

- Formal Education of students (K-12, undergraduate and graduate students), other scientists, resource managers and the general public in aspects of oceanography, surface meteorology and the use of remotely sensed data sets and numerical models.

- Informal Education of the same groups, but in contexts outside of the formal educational system, such as science museums, in short courses and workshops.

- Data Access includes activities that enhance the use of satellite-derived data sets by scientists, students, educators, resource managers and the general public.

Outreach to the scientific community is an integral part of Themes 1-4, as well as being central to Theme 5. For example, in Theme 1, CIOSS is helping NESDIS prepare for future satellites with research to develop algorithms for applications such as the detection of Harmful Algal Blooms by future multi-spectral sensors (HES-CW on GOES-R, etc.) and by evaluating the future passive microwave wind sensors. In Theme 2, it is helping the NESDIS CoastWatch program develop products to distribute, in support of the future Integrated Ocean Observation System (IOOS). In Theme 3, it is sponsoring workshops that will advance methods of data assimilation in coastal circulation and ecosystem models, another anticipated part of the IOOS system. Societal processes are also included in Theme 4. In this poster, we present some of the present and proposed activities within CIOSS.


Full paper

Workshop poster


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