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Cryosat Level 1 Data Calibration with Transponder

Catherine Bouzinac(1) , Robert Cullen(1) , Mercedes Reche(2) , and Monica Roca(2)

(1) ESA, ESTEC, 2200 AG Noordwijk, Netherlands
(2) PiLDo Labs, Llacuna 162, 08018 Barcelona, Spain


Two different softwares have been developed to calibrate CRYOSAT level 1A and level 1B data respectively with the use of a geolocated transponder. Level 1A data consist of bursts of complex, time domain echoes after internal calibration corrections while level 1B data consist of coherent multilooked echoes after slant range correction. The aim is to check several important level 1 parameters during the CRYOSAT commissioning phase, like range, datation, impulse response, interferometric phase difference, sigma0, etc. The softwares have been tested with simulations of CRYOSAT overflying a transponder in different geometrical and acquisition configurations.


Full paper

Workshop poster


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