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Assessment of multi-mission radar altimeter performance over the Amazon basin

James Harrison(1) , Philippa Berry(1) , James Garlick(1) , and Jennifer Freeman(1)

(1) DeMontfort University, The Gateway, LE1 9BH, United Kingdom


Satellite altimetry has been used for many years to monitor selected inland water targets. To assess the performance of past and current altimeters over inland water, a web based statistical tool has been developed which compares time series of heights over the Amazon basin from 2338 gauge stations with heights derived from satellite altimetry. The altimeter heights are derived using an expert system to extract echoes over the Amazon river network, and retrack each echo using one of 12 retracking algorithms to obtain a corrected range to surface. Using this tool, an assessment is presented of the performance of past and current altimeters over the complex targets of the Amazon river network, including Topex, Jason-1, ERS-1/2 and Envisat.


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