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(Nearly) Fifteen years of Altimetry Outreach at CNES and NASA/JPL

Vinca Rosmorduc(1) , Annie Richardson(2) , and Margaret Srinivasan(2)

(1) CLS, 8-10 Rue Hermes, 31520 Ramonville StAgne, France
(2) NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mail Stop 264-331, Pasadena, CA 91109, United States


Since the 1992 launch of Topex/Poseidon, CNES and NASA/JPL have been involved in providing information about satellite altimetry techniques, applications, and ocean science to the world.

From the beginning, the TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 Outreach Team has focused on reaching out to a wide range of people: from educators, students and the general public, to scientists and professionals who use the data. Our objective is to provide information and support appropriate to each audience. We have developed an extensive series of products on many relevant topics related to ocean science and altimetry, with levels ranging from easy-to-read to the expert point of view.

Through presentation of mission first results, the focus in the early years was on data quality and the varied data applications. Since 1997, El NiƱo forecasting was of major interest to the public, whereas the oceanographic community sought contributions to true operational oceanography.

With the launch of Jason-1, the focus is now on the need for a long-term data series and continuity in the missions. Educational activities related to ocean altimetry are continuing and expanding. Our aim in this realm is to help teachers and students across the world appreciate the ocean environment and the role satellites play in increasing our understanding of this crucial resource.

The evolution in our outreach activities is mirrored in the printed material distributed as hardcopy, and significantly in the regular updates to the web sites. As we approach nearly 15 years of continuous altimetry outreach our efforts are directed toward supporting the move toward operational oceanography (with GODAE and OSTM) and converging upon an integrated, multi-institutional outreach program.


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