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Mediterranean Sea Level Analysis from 1992 to 2005

Jorge Del Rio Vera(1) , Jesus Garcia-Lafuente(2) , Francisco Criado Aldeanueva(2) , David Garcia(3) , Antonio Sanchez Cordoba(2) , Benjamin Fong Chao(4) , and Isabel Vigo Aguiar(3)

(1) ESA, Via Galileo Galilei, Casella Postale 64, Rome, Italy, Italy
(2) Universidad de Malaga, ETSI de Telecomunicacion, Campus de Teatinos, sn, 29071, Spain
(3) Universidad de Alicante, EPS, University of Alicante, 03080, Alicante, Spain
(4) NASA, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, Maryland, 20771, United States


The Mediterranean Sea is a suitable test site for remote sensing techniques,specially for altimetry due to its semi-enclosed nature. Because of its limited extension,this Sea is also particularly sensitive to the climatic change. Broadly speaking, Sea Level Variations (SLVtotal) in the Mediterranean Sea have a double origin SLV=SLVsteric+SLVmass, where steric (volumetric) changes in sea water can be monitorized using time series of salinity and temperature. These parameters can be obtained from numerical models, such as ECCO. Altimetric measurements from different satellites/instruments (ERS-1/2, GFO, Envisat, Jason 1 and Topex/Poseidon) are considered through the use of the merged products from AVISO Altimetry and can be used to estimate SLVtotal in the former equation.The combination of these two measurements allows for an indirect estimation of SLVmass variations in the Mediterranean Sea as it is shown by means of the GRACE mission. Sea Surface Temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is also considered as indicator of the climatic change and hence analized. These observations are compared with NAO index in order to obtain relationships between regional processes which occurs in the Mediterranean Sea with others taking place at larger spatial scale. Regular data processing tools as Principal component analysis and trend analysis are used.


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