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The eddy fields of the Leeuwin and East Australian Currents

David Griffin(1)

(1) CSIRO, GPO Box 1538, 7000 Hobart, Australia


The warm-core eddies shed by the Leeuwin and East Australian Currents have been conspicuous features of Sea Surface Temperature imagery for nearly three decades. Altimetry reveals that these anti-cyclonic eddies are only half the story. The cyclonic, cold-core eddies are equally abundant and are not just mirror images of the warm-core eddies. Australia is unique in having poleward-flowing boundary currents on both her western and eastern margins, and the fascinating asymetries of eddy polarity are of much more than academic interest. Indeed, these ocean eddies are the ocean 'weather' of the Australian ocean environment, and their behaviour is of principal importance to all marine life.



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